What is Dot app ?

Dot App is a Top Level Domain (TLD) which refers to the last segment of domain name i.e. domain extension. Some of the popular TLDs include dot com, dot net, dot org, dot gov, dot info, etc. Surely, there are certain guidelinnes governing them but these are generally available to any registrant, anywhere in the world. There are more than 1200 TLDs for internet addresses. Largest domain extensions include .cn, .net, .uk, .org, .info, .com, etc.

In the ocean of TLDs, .app is the new entrant from the house of Google. Dot App TLD was officially launched by Google on 8th May 2018 for general availability.

Google faced stiff competition with other registries in acquiring the exclusive rights of the Dot App TLD and finally, three years ago, won the auction; and since then they worked on it, in closed doors, which implies that perhaps Google may have many more things to unfold through the channel of this app.

Why Dot App ?

Now the question is when there are already many domain extensions available in the market, then why Google has been passionate about this extension?

It is not just another domain extension. All the good features generally available in other TLDs are already there in Dot App. For users, it is easy to type and easily memorable (AzoneBay.App is better than typing/vocalising AzoneBayApp.com, right ?) which would ensure online success. Moreover, this TLD is simple yet meaningful, short and sweet. This sounds facilitative for marketing the application/ website effectively.

But what is so special in Dot App ?

All the web-sites registered with Dot App will have to provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection offering additional safety against hackers. This is more pertinent, especially when most of the online applications, now-a-days, ask for creating account requiring personal information like name, address, phone numbers,email address, etc. In this back-drop, safety of this data against hackers has to be ensured and application developer has to take this aspect into account.

In the present scenario, simply HTTP has not remained effectively safe. As such, SSL protection has to be attached to HTTP so as to make it HTTPs, which becomes safe and secure. In this way, Dot App, becomes preferred top level domain, especially in the case of websites giving access to some kind of personal data.

Moreover, full web address starting with HTTPs, rather than HTTP, gives the application website higher rank in acceptance.

Scope of Dot App

Dot App domain has been more relevant to applications and developers with built-in security feature. It is easy to find and know about the apps. But it is not restricted to constructing only mobile applications. This is just like any other extensions like dot com, dot net or dot info. In fact this can be used in other web applications as well and, of course, with access to HTTPs.

Since Google is very much excited by the launch of Dot App, the possibility of channelising or linking other Google products/ services in future through this domain cannot be ruled out and if it happens, the scope will be quite enlarged. In such a case, value unlocking may be witnessed if acquired the said domain before it is too late.

What is HTTPs ?

difference between http and https

Full form of HTTPs is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
New Open tld - dot App - needs HTTPs compulsory to provide more secure connection compare to HTTP.
HTTPs encrypts communications between your browser and the website.
That means security team of your website will get some relief to protect your site.

Is HTTPs free ?

If you have SSL certificate then you can add HTTPs with your domain name.
Good thing is, you can get free SSL certificate from some of the hosting providers. Of course, So many web hosing companies still charge higher price for SSL Certificate.
Here you may check the hosting companies with free SSL certificates.